Informing Communities. Empowering Change.<br />

Informing Communities. Empowering Change.

Making positive change take hold in communities is difficult work. It cannot be ordered from the top, and it will not happen overnight. Meaningful, sustained change requires engagement at multiple levels: from top-level institutions to residents and families in neighborhoods.

At every level, we provide our clients with customized support to maximize social sector impact and community well-being. CGR helps foundations and non-profits better understand their communities, improve processes, learn about their impact, and sharpen their strategies. Our approach blends qualitative and quantitative methods to guide well-informed decision-making and change. Our community-based work encompasses a variety of topics ranging from economics to education to health and human services.

Key Capabilities

  • Community indicators / performance measurement tools
  • Environment scans and service gap analyses
  • Strategic planning
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis and support
  • Environment scans and service inventories
  • Process, program and outcome evaluation
  • Public engagement and facilitation
  • GIS mapping and spatial analyses

Case Studies