What’s your Social ROI?<br />

What’s your Social ROI?

Social ROI, or “return on investment,” is about maximizing and measuring the impact of policies and programs on people and communities. Delivering value-added, achievable solutions that can make a difference for clients serving the greater good matters deeply to CGR.

For us, working with foundations and nonprofits is about contributing to the well-being of the communities they serve. We provide a range of services to funders, service providers and communities looking to maximize the value of their social investments and do the most good. Our approach blends quantitative and qualitative methods to set priorities, discern program effectiveness and plan for the future.

Vibrant communities rely on strong, active and responsive nonprofits to engage residents, convene dialogues on critical challenges, and inform regional policy solutions. Client organizations turn to CGR to produce and analyze performance data on a range of topics – from economics to education to health – so that they can empower leaders and residents to effectively confront shortcomings and reinforce strengths.

Key Capabilities

  • Community indicators / performance measurement tools
  • Program and outcome evaluation
  • Process and implementation support
  • Strategic planning
  • Organizational capacity building
  • Environment scans and service inventories
  • Service gap analysis
  • Workforce development planning
  • Public engagement and facilitation
  • Community change management
  • Census data analysis

Case Studies