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As a nonprofit ourselves, CGR understands the pressures that face this sector. From meeting client needs, to attracting qualified workers, to maintaining revenue streams, nonprofits as always have their work cut out for them. CGR can help with several of these challenges through our rigorous analysis and strategic thinking. We assist nonprofits in better understanding their communities, examining and improving upon processes, learning about their impact, and sharpening strategies. Our approach often blends qualitative and quantitative methods to provide the best information to guide decision-making and change.

Featured Work

Rochester Museum and Science Center Strategic Planning

CGR was engaged to gather community input to inform the Rochester Museum and Science Center’s strategic planning process. CGR gathered more than 100 online surveys and conducted two focus groups with families and individuals who did not regularly Rochester Museum and Science Center, Strasenburgh Planetarium or the Cumming Nature Center in Naples NY or were not members at the time of the study. Survey and focus group recruitment occurred in partnership with nine community-based organizations, bilingual (English and Spanish) recruitment flyers with links to complete the survey or volunteer for focus groups were distributed to families and other adults. Study results have informed RMSC’s strategic plan development process and strategies to expand the geographic and demographic profile of families and adults who regularly visit or are members.

Reconnect Rochester Transportation Study

CGR was engaged by Reconnect Rochester to explore the relationship between residence patterns, employment, transportation, and poverty in Rochester and Monroe County. CGR analyzed settlement, demographic, transportation and employment data to explore how changing patterns of residential settlement, locations of jobs and transportation options have collectively affected the ability of people, especially low-income people to access employment. This analysis included both broad demographic explorations and specific GIS modeling to explore the accessibility of jobs from various neighborhoods within the city of Rochester. Our analysis found that the state of the transportation options in Monroe County and Rochester pose an equity issue for the community, both in terms of race and income. Drivers (who are whiter and wealthier than transit riders) face easy commutes and a wide access to jobs. Those who ride the bus face very long commutes and limited access to jobs. Given these differences, the transportation system writ large reinforces the disparities that already exist in the community rather than helping to reduce them.

Profile of the Hispanic/Latino Community in Monroe County - A Demographic and Socioeconomic Analysis of Trends

CGR was engaged by the Ibero American Action League and La Cumbre to develop this Profile of the Hispanic and Latino community in Monroe County. This report updates previous reports from 2000, 2003 and 2012 and is aimed at providing both big-picture and granular information about Hispanic and Latino residents of Monroe County and how they are faring on a variety of socioeconomic indicators. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau and other sources show the overall growth, growing suburbanization, and increasing education levels of the population, along with persistent disparities in income, poverty and other measures. Access Latino Dashboard | Profile of Latinos in Monroe County: Key Statistics

The Exodus of Bilingual Administrators from the Rochester City School District - An Examination of Factors That Influence Departure

Ibero American Action League (IAAL) engaged CGR to study the reasons why Bilingual administrators have left the Rochester City School District (RCSD) and examine how these departures impact students and families. CGR conducted 60-minute virtual or phone interviews with 10 Latino administrators identified by IAAL to study why they left RCSD. Study findings indicate that Latino, bilingual administrators work for the Rochester City School District with a common desire to meet the needs of English Language Learners and their families. Many shared similar educational experiences as the families they served and some administrators grew up in the same neighborhoods as their students. However, barriers confronted within RCSD took a toll on administrators and ultimately led to their departure. To address these departures of Latino, bilingual administrators, CGR recommended several recommendations, including conducting an equity audit, increasing compensation for bilingual administrators and involving Latino and bilingual community members in the selection of administrators for schools in their communities.

Cullen Foundation-Buffalo City Swim Racers Afterschool Programming

CGR recently completed an engagement with the Cullen Foundation to develop the evaluation capacity of three out-of-school programs in Buffalo, NY implemented by The Belle Center, Buffalo Swim Racers, and Buffalo Niagara Waterkeepers. CGR staff worked with staff at each organization to revise and create evaluation tools. The City Swim Project, implemented by the Buffalo City Swim Racers, provides free swimming lessons to address the low percentage of Black and Brown children in Buffalo with swimming skills. This program aims to develop a pipeline for competitive swimming, promote self-discipline, enhance academic outcomes and encourage a healthy lifestyle. The Buffalo City Swim Racers is a USA Swimming sanctioned program site and is among the nation’s leaders in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion. The program currently accounts for 4.5% of all African-American swimmers registered with USA Swimming, and 2% of national outreach membership. CGR helped the organization define a theory of change, logic model, measurement framework and data collection tools.

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