Analysis with Impact

CGR's 2017 analysis and recommendations related to the Tompkins County jail continues to have impact. Here is what county officials recently told us. 

"The County’s jail population has now settled into the 50s (down from the 90 or so we were housing during your study). The County is actually boarding-in now. 

“In hearing about these remarkable stats, it sure seems that not only were your programmatic recommendations effective, but you were spot-on in predicting that the jail population could actually shrink. 

“As so much of the good news about the County’s jail population relates to recommendations in your report, you and your team should feel very good about what you helped to accomplish.  I know the process wasn’t always pleasant or easy, but it is clear in hindsight that the effort was worth it.  Our community is reaping the benefits of your persistence on many levels. Kudos for providing such clear and effective advice to the County.”

-         Joe Mareane, Tompkins County Administrator, 2008-17

Response to our recommendations was swift and comprehensive.  Strong leadership from the County Legislature and from other community agencies paved the way for investments needed to implement the core recommendations from the study.

Through high-quality execution of our recommendations, the county has not only reduced costs to taxpayers but also improved the justice process for residents, consistent with public safety.

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Kodak founder George Eastman started CGR to “get things done for the community.” Eastman wanted to infuse local government with expertise, innovation and data-driven analysis to ensure that Rochester was a world-class community. The world has changed a lot since then, but our mission hasn’t. We still focus on empowering community leaders with the best information, analysis and insight to drive positive change.

How we do that has changed. We work for charitable foundations as much as government. We publish online as much as on paper. We use graphics and interactive presentations to communicate our findings along with reports. We support collaborative community change efforts tackling our most entrenched problems such as ROC the Future and the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative.

This year, CGR projects have:

  • Helped funders throughout the state better understand nonprofits in their communities and what they need to succeed through studies of capacity-building assets and gaps
  • Informed the strategic planning effort of a new statewide health foundation through white papers on vulnerable populations and complex systems
  • Supported nonprofits in strategic planning to sharpen their priorities and impact
  • Helped local governments assess service delivery and structure to stretch tax dollars further

Your support for CGR is support for facts, data, straightforward analysis of issues, and practical recommendations that leaders can implement.

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