About CGR

Founded in 1915, CGR has been providing support to the public, nonprofit and private sectors for over a century. Originally incorporated as the Rochester (NY) Bureau of Municipal Research, Eastman Kodak founder George Eastman created CGR with a mandate to “get things done for the community.” Although our passion for delivering promising solutions has never changed, both the geographic area and clients we serve have broadened dramatically. Today we have a national reach and can be found working with a diverse range of agencies, organizations and communities.

George Eastman
CGR Founder George Eastman
Photo courtesy of the George Eastman House

CGR’s Strategic Focus

CGR refreshed our strategic framework in 2020-21 to explore ways to sharpen our focus and increase our impact. With the help of our consultant, Suzanne Piotrowski of Badfish Consulting, we talked with clients and community members to gain outside perspective and then worked with our board to deeply understand and define our values, purpose, and value proposition to clients and communities.

The framework we developed, illustrated below, elevates our commitment to equity, especially racial equity, and centers our focus on our mission and vision.


CGR drives positive community change through the highest quality research, analysis, data insights and collaboration.


Trusted for our rigorous analysis and actionable insights, we can transform any community to be more equitable, strong and thriving.



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