Community Indicators/Needs Assessments

Community indicators and needs assessments tell the story of a community, bringing together and making meaning out of a wealth of data that speaks to various dimensions of community well-being. Through these projects, communities learn more about how they are faring in education, health, the local economy, residents’ economic security, racial equity, public safety, and other topics. They can use this deeper understanding to inform collaboration, funding, and strategies to successfully drive positive change on the issues that matter most to them.

CGR is the national leader in developing community indicators websites. These web-based profiles make data and analysis understandable, meaningful, accessible, and actionable.

In developing a project, we work closely with communities to determine key topics to be covered and select the most interesting and informative indicators to document key trends and issues. We also collaborate on the design of the website, both in terms of functionality and look and feel.


  • Dynamic Charts
    Users can customize visualizations to focus on their interests.
  • Map Visualizations
    Seeing data geographically adds insight.
  • Dashboards
    At-a-glance graphics provide quick takeaway information.
  • Data Downloads
    Raw data allows users to do their own analysis.


  • Engagement
    We help you engage your community in the planning, launch and ongoing work of positive community change.
  • Insight
    Data analyzed in a comparative context gives an in-depth understanding of a community's strengths & challenges.
  • Analysis
    Regularly engage your community through indicator and issue analysis delivered via electronic newsletters.
  • Tracking
    Web statistics track the reach of your platform.

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