Katherine Bell

Katherine Bell

Analytics & Information Systems Manager

Katherine Bell is a skilled analyst with more than 15 years of experience across CGR’s portfolio of projects for local governments, nonprofits and foundations. Her expertise includes data collection, analysis and visualization; geographic information systems (GIS); web design; and database design and management.

Ms. Bell plays a central role in projects across CGR’s practice areas. Her portfolio of GIS work includes building GIS datasets, creating interactive online maps, and performing network analysis for various public safety and highway projects. For over a decade, Ms. Bell has played a pivotal role in CGR’s work on community indicators websites, managing nearly 300 indicators and about 200 data sources, improving site updates and functionality, and incorporating maps, dashboards and infographics into each website. Ms. Bell has designed and maintained over 40 websites to inform the public about CGR's projects in collaboration with local governments.

In addition, Ms. Bell manages information technology for CGR and brings firsthand IT knowledge to our project work. She is CGR’s key contact for the U.S. Census, as we are an affiliate of the New York State Data Center and support its work to improve access to U.S. Census data for the public, local governments and businesses in our state.

She joined CGR in 2004, was named Information Systems manager in 2008, and was named Analytics & Information Systems manager in 2021. She earned her degree in management information systems from Rochester (NY) Institute of Technology.