Village Incorporation Study Models 3 Scenarios

Potential Impact of Village Incorporation

April 18, 2024

Village Incorporation Study Models 3 Scenarios

CGR was engaged by New York State to examine the potential fiscal and operational impacts of a new village incorporation in the hamlet of Edgemont, a community of almost 8,000 people in Greenburgh, a town of 95,000 that contains six villages and an unincorporated area.

We modeled three scenarios for Edgemont Village incorporation, one in which the Village contracts with the Town for many large services, another in which the Village contracts with other entities for services, and a third in which the Town is able to collect funding from the Village for a share of liabilities for litigation settlements, property tax refunds, and retiree benefits.

The property tax impacts on Edgemont and unincorporated Town residents varied across the scenarios, ranging from a minor tax decrease to a 10% tax increase.

Because new village formation is rare, several unsettled legal questions cloud the forecast for Edgemont and the unincorporated Town, including whether Edgemont residents could remain in their current water district, and whether the Town could impose on Edgemont residents the liability costs included in the third scenario.

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