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Aspire Arkansas

CGR recently created three StoryMaps for our Aspire Arkansas community indicators website focused on food insecurity, early childhood literacy and the challenges facing working, low-income individuals and families.

StoryMaps provide a streamlined and engaging way to integrate text, maps and graphics to provide a deeper understanding of complex issues. Developing the StoryMaps was part of an engagement to update the website with new data, analysis, graphics and a refreshed design.  

The website is sponsored by the Arkansas Community Foundation, a statewide philanthropy with 29 affiliate offices. The updated website includes Dashboards for each of the state’s 75 counties and new functionality allowing users to download Dashboards in PDF or Excel formats.
Aspire Arkansas is one of more than a dozen indicators websites that CGR has built over the past 15 years.

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March 26, 2024 CGR Briefs Edition


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