Strategizing on ambulance service in Southern Madison County

The Town of Hamilton, with financial support from the Town of Lebanon, Colgate University and Community Memorial Hospital, contracted with CGR to develop a strategic plan for the Southern Madison County Volunteer Ambulance (SOMAC) designed to address its financial challenges and enable continued ambulance service in the area. Our key findings included that Madison County EMS was a viable option for future EMS services if SOMAC was unable to be sustained, that the student volunteers from Colgate University provide a valuable benefit to the community, the SOMAC station needs capital improvements, Community Memorial Hospital needs a reliable interfacility transport provider, and the current operational income is not sufficient to sustain operations without subsidy from the community. During the course of the project SOMAC, lost additional staff and the Board of Directors made the decision to restructure its services away from SOMAC being the primary paramedic EMS resource in the community and Madison County EMS was selected to provide EMS services going forward.

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January 18, 2024 CGR Briefs Edition


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