Pipeline for EMS Workers Discussed in Allegany County

Allegany County

Supporting the pipeline of new Emergency Medical Services workers and establishing a sustainable "safety net" ambulance service in Allegany County were among the options identified in a recent CGR project. The County’s EMS system has been under increasing stress for the last several years with increasing calls for service and some agencies struggling to answer calls in an effective manner. CGR mapped the existing system of operations and presented initial findings of the project to the County Legislature last month.

Our presentation highlighted the recent challenges of declining EMS volunteerism, an aging population in the County, an increasing reliance on a commercial ambulance service, and the financial pressures facing all EMS operations. We also discussed recent successes including a new distance learning paramedic program, a program to educate high school students to become EMTs and several ambulance agencies that have been able to retain or grow their volunteer ranks. We identified several options for the County to consider to ensure a successful and sustainable EMS system, including expanding on existing EMS education programs, ensuring a “safety net” ambulance provider is available to support EMS agencies that are struggling, and supporting the development of EMS leaders. CGR is continuing to work with the County to develop the most appropriate options for implementation.

For more information on CGR’s EMS work, contact Paul Bishop.

November 29, 2023 CGR Briefs Edition


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