The best decisions come from the best information.

The best decisions come from the best information.

We apply economics to the practical challenges facing government agencies and officials every day. The goal in each of our projects is ensuring our client community makes the best possible decision in the context of complete, unbiased information.

From calculating fiscal and economic impacts to completing cost-benefit analysis of proposed projects, our work is designed to maximize communities' investments and resource allocation. We recognize that every community is different, but know the value of objective data is universal. At the same time, we understand like no other consulting organization the increasing fiscal and service pressures on governments. Our deep public finance expertise is helping governments of all sizes develop and implement restructuring plans that yield greater efficiency and fiscal stability.

Key Capabilities

  • Economic impact analysis
  • Fiscal impact modeling
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Municipal fiscal distress action plans
  • Regional economic studies
  • Land use impact analysis
  • Economic development studies

Case Studies