Launch of 17th CGR Community Indicators Website

Worcester County Insights

The Greater Worchester Community Foundation recently unveiled its new indicators website, Worcester County Insights, created by CGR. The website, the 4th indicators website in Massachusetts developed by CGR, is aimed at helping community members better understand local and regional data on quality of life and bringing awareness to racial disparities. The website features 60 indicators across seven topics, including Racial Equity, Economic Mobility, Health and Well-Being, and Youth and Education. The foundation is also partnering with the Worchester Regional Research Bureau to develop deeper research into issues facing the community.

"We believe that data-driven decision-making is crucial for creating positive change in our communities, both through our own grantmaking and beyond," Pete Dunn, GWCF president and CEO, said in the press release. "Worcester County Insights helps give residents, policymakers, nonprofits, and other stakeholders the information they need to address disparities, advocate for equitable policies, and drive meaningful progress across Worcester County."

Learn how community indicators can support data-driven decisions in your community. Contact Patrick Smith, VP of Sales, for a personalized consultation.

May 14, 2024 CGR Briefs Edition


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