Fire and Police Focus of CGR recommendations to Raritan Township, NJ

Raritan Township, NJ

CGR was engaged by Raritan Township, NJ to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the operations and services of both the Raritan Township Police Department (RTPD) and the all-volunteer, independent Raritan Township Fire Company (RTFC).

RTPD and RTFC encountered public safety challenges regarding recruitment and adequate staffing. The RTPD stakeholders reported concerns about Township practices regarding the replacement of police vehicles. The study identified recommendations for RTPD including staffing a traffic unit that focuses on traffic enforcement, writing tickets, responding to motor vehicle accidents and commercial vehicle inspections. Other recommendations for RTPD include having a vehicle replacement cycle to help with fleet management and centering DEI as an organizational value by incorporating it into policies and procedures and training for all officers.

Interviews revealed that the relationship between RTFD and the Township needs improvement and data analysis indicated less than ideal fire response times. Recommendations suggested to the RTFC included improving communication between the fire company and the Township and formalizing a relationship between the Fire Marshal’s staff and RTFC through a memorandum that establishes roles and expectations. CGR also recommended that RTFC and the Township collaborate to develop a capital plan for the fire company to ensure the capabilities sought by the company are appropriate for the community.

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