Community-based, participatory evaluation for Whole Child Initiative

ROC the Future Alliance

CGR was engaged by the Whole Child Initiative (WCI) of the ROC the Future Alliance to co-develop and implement an evaluation to examine the implementation and impact of strategies to transform education, health and other systems to better serve the needs of Rochester’s Black, Indigenous and other families of color.

Systems have been harmful to BIPOC and non-English-dominant families since providers function in silos and are often ineffective in assessing needs and providing adequate support. WCI aims to create an equity-centered system that is designed based on input from local BIPOC and non-English-dominant families. As the WCI strategies are being implemented, a plan to evaluate the implementation process and summative outcomes will be created using a community-based evaluation approach led by Parent Family Partners(P/FPs). For additional information, please contact Donna Harris, Ph.D., project director, at

April 30, 2024 CGR Briefs Edition


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