About the Study

The Village of South Nyack has received a citizen’s petition requesting a referendum on dissolution under Article 17A of General Municipal Law. While the ballot measure will be a simple “yes” or “no” vote, the issues surrounding dissolution have multiple layers and are deserving of a thorough, objective discussion of the various impacts to residents and property owners. The Village and residents have only a short time to consider the numerous impacts because of the rapid timeline mandated by the state law.

The Village is obligated to hold a referendum vote in the near future due to the presentation of a petition for dissolution. The project plan involves two phases. The first phase is focused on developing an impact analysis and presenting it to the residents for South Nyack in advance of the referendum. The second phase would only occur if the residents voted in favor of dissolution at the referendum and is focused on developing a dissolution plan as required by statute.

CGR is based in Rochester, NY and has provided similar work for dozens of communities across the Northeast. Throughout the process, CGR and the Leadership Committee will solicit feedback from stakeholders via the study website and multiple public meetings.