The Baseline Report documents the existing operations of law enforcement in Tompkins County and identifies, in general terms, some areas where operations might be improved. Below is an executive summary, the full report with the first two appendices and the other appendices as separate documents.

The Options Report shares a range of options for law enforcement going forward. It considers some of the operational and fiscal impacts of each of the options. The written options report and accompanying presentation are being given to the community to gather their feedback during meetings on August 28, 30 and 31.

As a final step CGR, with the assistance of Highland Planning, led a series of community discussions on the options that were identified in the study during the end of August. Presentations were made to the City of Ithaca Common Council – Committee and the Tompkins County Legislature Public Safety Committee meeting during September. As a result of those meetings, CGR was asked to identify communities where county and city police services had merged. A possible set of next steps to be considered is included with this section of the report.

Tompkins County 911 Call Information Map

The information on the maps (link below) is based on Tompkins County 911 Call information from 2016. The intention of the map is to illustrate a general distribution of incidents in the county and city to help evaluate the use of law enforcement resources in the county. Loading time will vary depending on your data connection, please be patient.

Study Background