About the Study

CGR was selected by the Town of Victor in March 2016 to conduct a public safety/Emergency services study that will provide information to the Steering Committee and Victor residents regarding the current state of Victor's public safety/Emergency services and will provide recommendations for potential changes.
The Study will provide:

  • a baseline of current services and demands for those services
  • an analysis of equipment assessments
  • service consolidation potentials
  • identification of any capital needs for safety services
  • Fiscal and Non-Fiscal impacts of viable alternatives to current operations
  • suggestions for implementation plans for change
  • evaluate current emergency preparedness plans for the Town

Throughout the process, CGR and the Steering Committee will solicit feedback from residents via this website and multiple public meetings. CGR is based in Rochester, NY and has provided similar work for dozens of communities across the Northeast.

The Town of Victor has a total land mass of about 35.9 square miles, home to approximately 14,387 people (2014 ACS 5 year estimate). The Village of Victor is located in the central portion of the Town, which covers 1.4 square miles and is home to over 2,700 residents (included in Town totals).