Commission on Local Government Modernization

Latest Report —Final Report of the Commission

The Process

Consensus is helping to shape a vision for more effective and efficient governance across Onondaga County. Through the Commission's work, the community will take a leadership role in defining how it wants to be organized and governed locally – with public services that meet high quality standards at an affordable price. With data-driven solutions, the region's governance structures can be modernized to meet the needs of the 21st century, with local resources focused equitably and effectively to help our economy and protect our community assets.


The process is being overseen by a Commission with assistance from CGR, a nonprofit management consulting organization with industry-leading expertise in public sector management, municipal governance and service delivery, public finance and restructuring to yield improved efficiency and effectiveness. Learn more about the Commission members and why they’ve volunteered to be part of this important effort.


There is no substitute for a robust, engaging community dialogue as part of this effort. The Commission and CGR's project team encourage public engagement throughout the project. Please submit your comments, questions and other feedback and visit our public engagement page. Additionally, all Commission meetings are open to the public, and specially-designated public forums will be held during the project to solicit additional feedback from the broader community.

Message from the Co-Chairs