Transforming Regional Data on the Gulf Coast

Scenario: Gulf Coast Community Foundation seeks to replace a paper-based, periodic community assessment with an up-to-date source for regional data and information.


  1. Data and information are currently spread across numerous source and institutions.
  2. The new integrated source of information must be as compelling, descriptive and rich as the periodic report.

What CGR Delivered

The Gulf Coast Community Indicators website encompasses:

  • 74 indicators measuring education, quality of life, health, financial self-sufficiency, the economy and other areas.
  • Key Trends for each theme capture the highlights and tell the story of the four-county region surrounding Sarasota, FL.
  • A new design mirrors Gulf Coast Community Foundation's graphic identity.
  • Maps for several indicators help tell the story in a new way.

Result and Impact

A news archive is capturing and cataloging indicator-related articles, adding to users' understanding of trends and issues affecting the region.