Strengthening Criminal Justice Services

Scenario: Facing an escalating jail census and growing operational costs, this County seeks re-engineering strategies to contain expenses and measure overall criminal justice performance and outcomes.


  1. County jail bookings were at a 10-year high
  2. Jail overtime costs were escalating
  3. County officials were increasingly concerned that the criminal justice system was  fragmented, inefficient and costly
  4. The County lacked processes to measure overall system performance and outcomes

What CGR Delivered

Expert data collection and reengineering support, encompassing:    

  • Comprehensive overview of existing criminal justice programs and practices in the County
  • Review of criminal justice programs and jail trends
  • Analysis of the impact of programs and practices on the jail population, and how these programs and practices affect:
    • criminal justice staff, costs and resources
    • the amount of time defendants spend in the County’s criminal justice system
  • Identification of opportunities to improve the overall system and reduce costs, while ensuring public safety

Result and Impact

  • CGR generated recommendations involving bail practices, electronic home monitoring, drug court screening and lower-risk defendants which, collectively, could reduce the County’s jail capacity need by 72 beds per day
  • Once implemented, jail utilization fell almost immediately
  • In the first year, jail overtime costs were reduced 33 percent, assigned counsel costs for family court dropped 42 percent