Building an Integrated Public Health System

Scenario: Facing cost containment challenges and a desire to sustain high quality, integrated public health critical services, this County seeks to evaluate options for designing a merged health / mental hygiene system.


  1. Respond to reduced funding and less discretionary control over health and mental hygiene services
  2. Address growing calls nationally for better integration of public health and mental hygiene service networks
  3. Create service framework that recognizes both the synergies and differences of health and mental health needs
  4. Take into account the demands on local health departments due to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) transforming fundamental parts of the nation’s healthcare system

What CGR Delivered

Expert project management and plan design support, encompassing:           

  • Evaluation of current service levels and costs
  • Development of options for departmental integration and consolidation
  • Assessment of advantages, disadvantages and budgetary / staffing implications for each option identified
  • Presentation of recommendations for improving county’s health system integration in achievable ways

Result and Impact

  • CGR’s recommendation endorsed by Health and Human Services Advisory Team of the County, and recommended for full implementation by County Executive
  • Consolidated department will save nearly $500,000 per year

Note: CGR has conducted more than a dozen major projects for the County over the past decade, consistently delivering innovative solutions that have made a difference for the community.