Achieving Community Targets

Scenario: To make it possible for community problem-solving and associated decision-making to be based on credible, independent and timely data, the Rochester Area Community Foundation seeks a tool for assessing the region’s performance on key indicators of well-being.


  1. The region has never had a single, central source for economic and quality of life data
  2. The absence of information on socioeconomic health and trends is hindering regional conversations by citizens, nonprofits, foundations and local governments on issues of shared concern

What CGR Delivered

Expert data collection and analytical support, encompassing:          

  • Selection of more than 100 targeted community data indicators tracking economic well-being and regional quality of life
  • Development of a custom, user-friendly website with key data and analysis
  • Online organization and presentation of data for regional and county levels to enable more focused analysis in the nine-county region
  • Analysis of trends in nine topic areas deemed most important to the region’s vitality: arts culture and leisure, children and youth, community engagement, economy, education, financial self-sufficiency, health, housing, and public safety.

Result and Impact

  • CGR developed one-stop shop for data and analysis: 
    • more than 100 indicators of well-being
    • links to more than 300 community initiatives and resources
    • refreshed quarterly as new data available
  • ACT Rochester site is providing an up-to-date, objective assessment on key indicators of well-being for:
    • the region
    • each of the nine counties in the region