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20 Nov 2020
NY State Comptroller Gives Ed Day’s 2021 Budget A ‘Good Job!’

In the news: CGR’s Paul Bishop leads an independent review of the 2021 executive budget for Rockland County, NY. "The County Executive has presented a balanced spending plan for 2021 that considers the challenges being faced by governments everywhere ..."

Rockland County Business Journal 

29 Oct 2020
Connections: Discussing how women are impacted by pandemic job losses

CGR's Erika Rosenberg discusses the impact on women during the pandemic along with Katherine Goldstein, journalist and creator of The Double Shift podcast. 


14 May 2020
Looking at the Impact of COVID-19 on Rochester's Economy

CGR's Kent Gardner speaks with Cristina Domingues on the difficult economic future ahead.

Spectrum News

1 May 2020
Connections: Discussing the state of the economy during this stage of the pandemic

CGR's Kent Gardner discusses why is the stock market booming when the economy is crashing along with Amit Batabyal, Arthur J. Gosnell Professor of Economics at RIT. 


13 Apr 2020
Connections: Will the pandemic convince Americans to move away from big cities?

CGR's David Riley, senior research associate, is a guest on Connections and discusses if the pandemic will cause Americans to move away from big cities. 


10 Apr 2020
Post-Pandemic Planning Interview with CGR

CGR President & CEO Erika Rosenberg spoke with the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce about post-pandemic planning in the fields of government, the economy, education, philanthropy, and equity.

The COVID-19 crisis has confronted diverse communities across the country with similar challenges: treating and tracking the sick, making decisions to protect those who appear well as well as health care workers, and taking all possible steps to preserve the functioning of the local health care system. But once the crisis has passed, what questions will local communities be asking? How might it change how we think about the challenges we were confronting, and new ones that emerge?

Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce

2 Apr 2020
Rochesterians Continue To Struggle To File for Unemployment

CGR Chief Economist Kent Gardner talks with Andrew Freeman of Spectrum News about the unprecedented economic impact of the coronavirus and the challenges of meeting increased need for unemployment benefits.

Spectrum News

10 Feb 2020
Johnson, VT residents split on merging town and village governments

CGR has helped dozens of municipalities across the Northeast to analyze whether merging or consolidating would benefit their residents. This year, we’re working on our first merger study in Vermont.  

News & Citizen

22 Jan 2020
Report finds abundant strengths, pressing challenges in MetroWest

In the news: CGR developed an interactive website, Impact MetroWest, and an accompanying report that highlight the many strengths and pressing needs of the MetroWest region in Massachusetts. We're proud of this project to support the work of Foundation for MetroWest. 

Boston Globe

The MetroWest Daily News

Natick Bulletin

17 Jan 2020
City Council to confirm Police Accountability Board appointees

The City of Rochester has taken a step forward in naming members to a Police Accountability Board, a process CGR contributed to through a 2017 study.

City Newspaper

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