CGR in the news 2014 archive

14 Oct 2014
Rochester Fares Well in College Ranking

CGR's Kent Gardner discusses Rochester's sixth-best college ranking.

2 Oct 2014
Nursing Homes for Sale as N.Y. Counties Cut Costs

Citing CGR's work, Bloomberg Businessweek looks at counties' movement away from taxpayer funded nursing homes in NY.

16 Sep 2014
CGR to Facilitate Merger of Dutchess County’s Departments of Health & Mental Hygiene

CGR has been engaged by Dutchess County to provide analytical support and implementation assistance for a proposed merger of the county's Departments of Health and Mental Hygiene. The project follows work CGR completed for Dutchess County in 2013 and 2014 to evaluate the feasibility, impact and options surrounding such a merger. Subsequent to that effort, the County Executive and the county's Health and Human Services Advisory Team endorsed the functional consolidation.

8 Sep 2014
NYC Assistant Commissioner Joins CGR

Peter Nabozny has joined the organization as a Senior Associate. Nabozny comes to CGR from New York City, where he had been serving as Assistant Commissioner of Research and Evaluation in the City's Administration for Children's Services (ACS).

27 Aug 2014
Florida Foundation Engages CGR to Create Online Community Profile

The Gulf Coast Community Foundation (Gulf Coast) has engaged CGR to develop a comprehensive online community profile that will provide residents and stakeholders with direct access to critical, detailed data and trends on the region's socioeconomic health.

27 Aug 2014
For New York Village, CGR Explores Future Financial Options

The Village of Prospect, located in Oneida County, New York, has engaged CGR to conduct a study of governance and service delivery alternatives for the village, up to and including dissolution.

27 Aug 2014
CGR Provides Support for NY Initiative to Reduce Gun Violence & Homicides

CGR has been engaged to provide data, analytical and process support for an evaluation of New York State's Gun Involved Violence Elimination (GIVE) program. The GIVE program is an effort to reduce gun violence and homicides in the seventeen New York counties outside of New York City where the highest rates of violence are found. CGR is conducting the Rochester portion of the evaluation.

27 Aug 2014
CGR Receives National Award for Statewide Study on Public Nursing Homes

The national Governmental Research Association (GRA) has recognized CGR's 2013 project on public nursing homes in New York State with its 2014 award for ''Most Distinguished Research.''The award recognizes outstanding effort by a government research agency, and according to GRA is based on the challenge of the subject matter, the degree to which the study is ground-breaking, the use of new and innovative research methods and the usefulness of the study to states and municipalities.

27 Jun 2014
Essay: City Students Need College Degrees to Succeed

Working with ACT Rochester and the Rochester Area Community Foundation, CGR found that Rochester had a higher level of poverty than almost all other urban centers nationally and a strong correlation between impoverished families and the educational achievement of their children.

25 Jun 2014
Greene County Hires CGR to Develop Countywide EMS Model

Greene County, NY, has engaged CGR to develop a model for a Countywide Ambulance Operational Organization aimed at enhancing service delivery, increasing efficiency, streamlining processes, reducing costs, and improving EMS response times. The countywide model may involve the consolidation of the existing sixteen organizations providing EMS services to Greene County.

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