Dr. Donald Pryor

Dr. Donald Pryor


Dr. Donald Pryor has directed projects for clients in the public, nonprofit and private sectors at local, state and national levels for more than 30 years. His work at CGR has led to improved services and millions of dollars in direct savings to taxpayers. Four projects he directed have won national awards. 

In 2014, CGR won the Most Distinguished Research Award from the Governmental Research Association for a statewide study he directed on the future of public nursing homes in New York (case study). Earlier national awards involved a comprehensive assessment that identified opportunities for a county to improve its criminal justice system and reduce costs, while ensuring public safety (case study); and assessments of a city’s early childhood needs, and a county’s youth services offerings.

Dr. Pryor’s expertise also encompasses many other areas, including government management projects that lead to streamlined operations, improved efficiency and enhanced public service; and cost-benefit evaluations at the local and state level in areas ranging from human services delivery systems to mental health offerings.

He has conducted assessments of alternative to incarceration programs and their impact on jail numbers and overseen major public health planning projects. His wide range of educational projects have focused on cost-effective, efficient delivery of educational services, program evaluations, needs assessments, school reorganizations, and shared services.

His work for United Ways, nonprofit agencies and community groups to help leaders achieve desired outcomes for their communities – in areas ranging from subsidies for childcare services to consolidating service offerings – is extensive.

Prior to being named Principal, he was Director of Human Services Analysis, a position he held since 1982. Earlier in his career he directed research for the Washington D.C.-based Pretrial Services Resource Center and served in various capacities for Xerox Corporation and the General Motors Institute.

He earned his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Purdue University, and his undergraduate degree from Randolph-Macon College.

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