About the Study

This study has been driven by several factors including the long term pattern of crowding at the county jail that has necessitated the county to request variances from the New York State Commission on Corrections.

The Jail Study Committee is seeking to address the following project goals:

  • Reduce average daily census in Tompkins County jail.
  • Eliminate boarded-out placements to other jails.
  • Assess alternatives to incarceration and other services with potential to reduce jail population.
  • If possible, avoid need for expanding jail or building new jail.
  • If expanded or new jail is needed, develop cost-effective recommendations that limit the size and costs of any new or expanded jail facility.

CGR started work on the project in November, 2016 and completed it in July 2017.

CGR has also been engaged by Tompkins County to conduct a study of the law enforcement services. To learn about that study, please go to: https://www.cgr.org/TompkinsLESS/